This is how we develop a holiday park that blends in with the environment

March 21, 2022

When we develop a new park, we don't just mindlessly start building in a new environment. Because we are curious. We want to get to know the area. We don't want to be the ones doing something because it's been done that way for years.

That is why we look for the 'genius loci' in a new location: the soul of a place. That helps us to develop a project in such a way that it fits into the environment. That way, the experience of our guests does not stop at the edge of our park, but continues throughout the entire area. This time we would like to tell you about the development of the park in Brielle that we are developing on behalf of Roompot.

The history of Brielle

Let's dive into Brielles history. Brielle is nicknamed the "Firstling of Freedom". In the 16th century, this town was the first to be liberated from Spanish rule by the "Watergeuzen". Much of the town has been preserved and the history is actually visible in the streets. With no fewer than 371 national monuments, Brielle is a beautiful fortified town with a wealth of cultural history. While walking through the city, Brielle tells its own story. Of course, we happily make use of that.

The area around Brielle

If we zoom out a bit, we can see the varied green fields around Brielle that flow into the impressive Rotterdam harbor area further on. There used to be a direct connection between Brielle and the Oude Maas river, but this no longer exists and as a result, the area around Brielle has become a quiet recreational area with meadows and fields.

The yield from the fields can be found in the products that are for sale in the region. A lot of fruit and vegetables are grown, and if you cycle through the landscape you will regularly come across farm stalls where you can buy them fresh.

How do we practically translate this into a new park?

We will include all these characteristics of Brielle and the surrounding area in the practical development of the new park. From practical objects from local makers in the houses, to the use of color that matches the landscapes. But we also like to include local products on the menu, for example. In this way we try to blur the boundaries between the parks and the surroundings for our guests.

A sustainable park

We are building the new park in Brielle sustainably. A park without gas, with many solar panels. We develop the homes modularly, so that we can reuse materials in the distant future. This way the guests can really enjoy themselves carefree.

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