Roompot Brielse Kreek

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In between the city and the port of Rotterdam, there's a beautiful area with rural nature. Here we're developing Roompot Brielse Kreek.

Brielle is a small medieval city with an important part in the Dutch history.

Roompot Brielse Kreek is close to the water and hidden in the green Dutch polder. And since it’s close to the port, it’s also close to the sea. The stunning and quiet beaches are the best place to relax in the sun during warm Dutch summers. It’s the best of all worlds.

The Netherlands
Project Details
  • 160 lodges
Close to Rotterdam, nature and the beach
January 2021 - November 2022
Date of opening:
Q4 2022
INvestment (in millions)

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Forest house photo
Freeman house photo
Meiser house photo
Forest house photo
Project news

Roompot Brielse Kreek

This is how we develop a holiday park that blends in with the environment
Mar 21, 2022

When we develop a new park, we don't just mindlessly start building in a new environment. Because we are curious. We want to get to know the area. We don't want to be the ones doing something because it's been done that way for years.