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Welcome to InLeisure, where our passion for leisure meets our commitment to sustainability and innovation. As a Dutch company at the forefront of developing unique leisure projects, we strive to create experiences that not only delight and inspire but also respect and protect our planet.

At InLeisure, we believe that leisure experiences should be memorable, enriching, and responsible. We are driven by the idea that the best leisure experiences come from a harmonious balance between enjoyment, a story to tell and environmental stewardship. This philosophy guides every project we undertake, ensuring that we deliver excellence and a unique holiday experience for our guests, while caring for our planet.
Our Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, InLeisure is excited about expanding our horizons, exploring new geographies, and continuing to innovate in sustainable leisure development. We are committed to creating leisure destinations that not only meet the needs of today’s travelers but also preserve the beauty and integrity of our natural world for future generations.

Our projects speak for them selves

We pride ourselves on a diverse portfolio of projects that span across scenic locations in Europe. Each project, whether it's a boutique hotel, a resort, or a recreational facility, is designed with a unique blend of luxury, innovation, and sustainability. From the tranquil beaches of the Netherlands to the majestic alpine regions of Austria, our projects offer something special for every traveler.


Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us; it's a way of life. We integrate eco-friendly practices in every aspect of our work, from choosing sustainable materials in construction to implementing energy-efficient systems in our properties. Our commitment to the planet is reflected in how we develop, operate, and maintain our leisure destinations.

Our values?

It starts with curiosity.

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