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We all live for those brief moments you just can’t put into words. That’s why we develop leisure projects that make those moments reality.
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We are InLeisure, a Dutch company that develops unique leisure projects. We are a development company with a passion for leisure, a heart for the planet and driven by innovative ideas.

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We love our planet so much. In every thing we do, we try to take care of it as thoroughly as possible.
That way we can enjoy the world to the fullest, no matter where we are.

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Company news

The taste of the lagoon
Aug 26, 2022

Near the fishing village of Agde, where we will open our new holiday park, you find the "Etang de Thau" lagoon. The charm of the place lies in its many Mediterranean hues and rich nature.

Tales of the past: pirates in Groningen
Jul 29, 2022

As we're developing a brand new park in the province of Groningen, we scaver the area for stories that we can tell our guests. Here are some gruesome pirate stories!

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