Zandvoort beachclubs, beachcabins and watersport center

a quality boost for Zandvoort recreation

At Zandvoort Beach, we developed beach clubs, beach cabins and a watersport center.

Project Zandvoort Beach consists of 2 parts. First of all, we have acquired 4 consecutive beach pavilions, 1 of which is a specialized water sports center.

During step 2 of this project, we renovate and exploit the pavilions. In addition, we develop and exploit 18 beach cabins. These cabins are literally right on the beach. From the cabin you can see the sea, and you immediately step onto the beach through the door.

With this project we contribute to the policy of the municipality of Zandvoort which strives for a quality boost from catering and recreation.

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The Netherlands
Project Details
  • 3 beachclubs
  • 18 accommodations
  • 1 watersport center
  • 58 beds
  • 3 types of accommodations
3 beachclubs, 18 beach cabins and a watersport center at Zandvoort beach.
April 2021 - May 2023
Date of opening:
June 2023
INvestment (in millions)

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Freeman house photo
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Forest house photo
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Zandvoort beachclubs, beachcabins and watersport center

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