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With a keen eye for potential, we acquire properties and businesses that complement our portfolio and adhere to our high standards. Our acquisition strategy is underpinned by thorough market research and due diligence, ensuring we add value to our group and stakeholders.

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projects pipeline
projects pipeline
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Strategic Expansion Through Discerning Acquisitions

InLeisure's acquisition strategy is driven by precision and foresight. We target properties and businesses that not only complement our existing portfolio but also align with our stringent criteria for excellence and potential. Our acquisitions are a testament to our commitment to quality and our ambition to elevate the leisure experience.

Our own way, a Rigorous Selection Process

Our methodical approach to acquisitions is characterized by comprehensive market research and meticulous due diligence. Not only will we look at triple AAA locations, we delve into every facet of potential acquisitions to ensure they meet our high standards of sustainability, profitability, and guest satisfaction.

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Adding Value and Vision

The essence of our acquisition philosophy is to create synergies that enhance value for our guests and stakeholders. We seek opportunities that allow us to infuse our expertise and vision, driving innovation and growth within the leisure sector together with our partners in every country.

We cannot grow alone: Cultivating Partnerships

We believe in the power of partnerships. In every acquisition, our goal is to foster strong relationships with local communities, previous owners, and our guests, ensuring that each project or property is not just an asset but a shared success story.

A Legacy of Growth in the world of leisure, now and in the future.

Our acquisitions reflect our broader vision for the future — a future where InLeisure is synonymous with the pinnacle of leisure and hospitality. We're not just acquiring assets; we're curating a legacy that will define the future of leisure.

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