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Wouter van Wetering
Partner IN Leisure - Finance

I always wanted to become a construction engineer. That’s why I studied engineering and started working as construction supervisor. That evolved into being a project manager and later head of consultancy. That made me want to specialize in Management, Economy & Law. My work became even more focused on managing organizations and the financial part of it.Then I met Jeroen and we started developing the first resort for Qurios in Bloemendaal. Leisure was completely new to me, but it gives me lots of energy now, because my engineering and financial background come together in a very natural and fun way.

Jeroen Postma
Partner IN Leisure - Development

As an independent and entrepreneurial leisure professional, I bring over 25 years of experience in the leisure industry, specializing in the realms of (interim) management, property and concept development, investment, realization, rent, and exploitation of leisure projects and companies. My approach is results-oriented, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, organization skills, and goal-focused methodology.

Juliette van Haaster
Excecutive IN Management

I ended up in the leisure industry because of my multilingualism and I have been renting out holiday houses since the beginning of my career. I traveled a lot to do so, and I liked it so much that renting out holiday homes became more and more part of my work. Qurios was the first project where we created a business around renting out an entire park instead of just individual houses. I really like the technical and the social part of it: technically taking care of the booking strategy and socially convincing people that our product is one that will genuinely make them happy.

Frank Wilschut
Partner IN Leisure - New Business

I grew up in leisure; my parents had ad camping business. I felt that it had to be different, so I went my own way in the leisure industry and developed on my own ideas. I’ve always been focused on innovation and finding smarter ways to work within the world of leisure. I started out with campsites, and over the years the caravans turned into wooden chalets and later into what we build today: beautifully designed lodges with concrete floors.

Roemer Overdiep
Executive IN Creativity

I’ve been working as creative director for leisure related projects since 2007 and I’m working with the Qurios team from the very first beginning. As a creative director I am constantly thinking of, and developing, new brands and concepts. That blends perfectly together with my work as photographer and film maker. One of the brands I’ve been working on with Edwin is EDD’s, which started as a wine project, but is evolving into EDD’s Estate and EDD’s Laguna. And those are now InLeisure projects.

Rianne van der Vliet
Excecutive IN Finance

I started working at Deloite back in 2006 when I studied accountancy. Jeroen was the first customer that came under my file and when I left Deloitte, Jeroen came with me and we’ve been working together ever since. First it was basic accountancy, but as the projects grew bigger the work became more complex and interesting.

Peter van der Vaart
Excecutive in Operations

Back in 1992 I started working as a campsite employee and I’ve never left the leisure industry since. When the manager left, I took over the management of the campsite. Since then, I’ve managed campsites, bungalow parks and even had 5 restaurants.
I said goodbye to to the restaurant in 2010 and then I met Jeroen and we started working on developing the resort for Qurios in Bloemendaal. The rest is history.

Joren Exler
Excecutive IN Austria

I started my career in the financial world, but pretty soon I decided to start my own company. Just because creating is so much more fun than just advising. I worked for 13 years on my company ROMEX Investments BV, where my love for Austria has its source. With 7 projects in Austria and 2 in France, we have developed a total of more than 170 luxury apartments. Now I'm working as Exectutive IN Austria for InLeisure.

Bob Kremer
Excecutive IN France

Ever since I studied Hotel Management, I've been working in leisure. I started out in the hotel business, and that's just a small step away from working with leisure and holiday parks like we develop with InLeisure. I met Jeroen when he worked on a resort I developed in The Netherlands, and we started our leisure company. That's years ago now, and here we are, now developing with InLeisure in France.


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Angelica Contze
Explorer IN Online marketing

Meet Angelica Contze, our vibrant marketing specialist and content creator extraordinaire. Angelica has a deep love for holidays, fashion, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends.

Debby Riekwel
Explorer IN Fire starter & HR

Meet Debby, our interim CEO of Blendin Bloemendaal and hospitality powerhouse. With extensive experience in HR, operations, general management, and project management within the leisure and hospitality industries,

Lisette van der Vaart
Explorer IN Impact

Lisette is deeply curious and passionate about making a positive impact on the environment, which makes her the perfect fit for our team.

Jaap Mol
Explorer IN Creativity

Meet Jaap, our Creative Mastermind and music producer extraordinaire. Jaap's talents extend far beyond his work in leisure; he's also a skilled musician, writer, filmmaker, and photographer. Jaap's talents and creativity are a valuable asset to our team, and we're thrilled to have him on board.

Guido van der vliet
Explorer IN Finance

Guido, with a decade at Deloitte and experience as a Group Controller, brings vast expertise from diverse sectors. His educational background from Nyenrode and wide network make his firm FACT an ideal partner.

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