Genius Loci IN Gulpen

January 24, 2022

One of our developing methods is to look together at where we are actually building our resort. Literally searching for what a place has to offer.

What has happened in the past? How did the place come about? We map the entire history and we often come across powerful stories that we want to pass on in one way or another.

But also; What is happening now? Who are working on great initiatives? And what does that mean for the future? For example, in Callantsoog we discovered a tulip farmer who is completely biodynamic and also very innovative in making his own tools and thus safeguards the future for our planet and cares for people with disabilities in society.

We translate these kinds of stories into themes. A few themes that contain one or more stories that we can tell our future guests. Stories that stimulate curiosity.
In Gulpen we are currently developing with the following themes:

Story: Burgundian

The inhabitants of Brabant and Limburg are called Burgundians. They take the time to enjoy good food and drinks. The word Burgundian is often used to indicate that life is being enjoyed. In the region you will find a variety of fine regional dishes and their famous hops are everywhere on the fields. Famous for Limburg are Gulpener beer, asparagus and of course the Limburg flan.

Like the Coffee Cottage on Zandvoort, Gulpen will have a story cottage where cooking is central. The emphasis of the design is of course on the kitchen. It is extremely well equipped. Here you can cook with your friends. The asparagus pan, a roasting pan, a pie-baking package and high quality glasses to fill with beer are standard equipment here.

We integrate the colors of Gulpener beer in the interior. And outside you might be sitting on a beer keg. The cottage will have its own vegetable garden so that cooking will be made very easy for. Cosiness? All together? Nice food and drinks? This is the place!

Story: Reflection

You probably know those moments when you have to think for a while to get a certain insight. To take a moment to consult yourself, the time to look at something from a distance. But also letting go of your daily worries to unwind.

Becoming very aware of time and place. Live in the now. Address your creativity, process grief or prepare together for the arrival of your first child.

Limburg is home to many places where these feelings are easy to evoke. Wellness, the outdoors, but also religion are all well represented. Peace, space and relaxation are keywords for reflection. This story cottage is therefore half hidden in a hill, the interior is quiet and we use soft colors. You will find a reading corner with books about mindfulness and yoga. Lots of plants and beautiful candles complete the picture. The bathroom smells like sauna and maybe there is a Hot tub in the garden. Cozy is the magic word. Too bad we have to wait a while for this.

Story: un-Dutch

It’s a common comment. Anyone in Limburg will no longer see the standard flat Dutch polder land. The slope of the landscape in contrast to the rest of our flat country. In South Limburg it is always slightly warmer.

Did you know that Limburg does not have hills but valleys? They originated during the formation of the Ardennes. The bottom has been pushed up with great force. Rivers have subsequently carved out valleys in the soil. Because of all this, Limburg also has a unique flora and fauna. Nature is beautiful and gives Limburg an extra green character. Reason enough to emphasize to our guests that this is also the Netherlands, although it may not look like it at first.

Height and depth differences are strongly emphasized in this story cottage. We use colors that you can find in the landscape of Limburg. Natural materials and organic shapes. We also refer to the three-country point through the arrangement of the furniture.

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