This is the first Qurios resort that we developed that isn’t located near the coast. Instead, this is way more inland, situated in the only Dutch hills: in the south of The Netherlands in the province of Limburg.

The area and nature of Limburg are atypical for The Netherlands. Where most of the Netherlands is flat and built in polders, Limburg has beautiful hillsides and stunning nature, with small rivers and old and quiet villages.

There, on a hill near Gulpen, we developed a brand new resort. In the shadow of the natural flora, we’re building 185 lodge. From some of them you have a breathtaking view on the valley.

The resort is build on 99.000 m2 and will be opened in July 2021. It houses a restaurant, a mini shop and a kids club.

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The Netherlands
Project Details
  • 99.500 m2
  • 185 Lodges
  • Restaurant
  • Mini Shop
  • Kids Club
  • 4 Themed Cottages
  • 1176 Beds
  • 8 Types of Accommodations

Situated in the "Dutch only hills" of Zuid Limburg, we developed a Qurios Resort based on three themes: Burgundian, Unbelievable Holland and Reflecion.
May 2020 - August 2021
Date of opening:
September 2021
INvestment (in millions)

This is why we love to
develop our way

Forest house photo
Freeman house photo
Meiser house photo
Forest house photo
Project news


Genius Loci IN Gulpen
Jan 24, 2022

One of our developing methods is to look together at where we are actually building our resort. Literally searching for what a place has to offer.What has happened in the past? How did the place come about? We map the entire history and we often come across powerful stories that we want to pass on in one way or another.