Why plants are important to us (and our projects)

May 6, 2022

We want to feel at home when we're away on holiday. So why wouldn't we treat a holiday home like it's our own? We found it a pity that many holiday homes don't have plants, while that's exactly what we need to improve the atmosphere. Practically, it isn't always easy to implement green into a holiday home environment, but with the help of our partners at Planting Power, RH Interieurs and Snoek Puur Groen, we managed to get it done.

Because it is so nice to have plenty of green in a house. It doesn't only look beautifully, we are also calmed by green plants around us as they dampen sound.

Green and healthy

Plants make our homes healthier. The more plants we have in a home, the more the air quality improves. Plants remove CO2 and dust particles from the air. At the same time, they supply us with fresh oxygen and pleasant humidity and that's important for us to feel good in an indoor environment.

Plants also make us more active. Scientists from the University of Michigan found in their study that our memory function can improve by up to 20% in a green environment. The Royal College of Agriculture in England discovered that we can concentrate up to 70% better when we are surrounded by plants.

Green and happy

We are happier when there are plants in our room. There are even studies that show that people heal 60% faster in a hospital room with a view of greenery. In other words: plants in a room brighten the mood.

A lot of research has been done on the power of plants in our homes. But that's not our biggest drive: we just want more green in our holiday homes because we love it. Such a finishing touch makes a big difference, which is why you will find green plants in the houses and parks that we develop.

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