Viva La France! Together with Qurios: a Roompot Destination

January 24, 2022

Roompot will develop a 50th park in France next year. For the first time in the history of Europe’s second largest provider of holiday parks, this time it is not a partner park, but the first one in France that Roompot will open and operate itself.

The opening of its own French park is a (logical) strategic step for this most important European coastal player. The country of baguettes, wine and cheese is a very popular holiday destination among the Dutch, Germans and Belgians, who also spend more than 13 million nights at Roompot every year.

In addition – and not unimportantly – France is also the most visited holiday destination among its own 67 million inhabitants. With the opening of a new park under Roompot’s flag, the French public will even faster get to know the quality and comfort that Roompot guarantees in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

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