PRESS RELEASE: Leisure Companies InLeisure (NL) and Alpin Family (AT) Join Forces

December 12, 2023

In a time when ski areas are under scrutiny due to climate change, InLeisure crosses the border into the Austrian mountains. Against the current, together with the Austrian Alpin Family. Read our press release about this unique collaboration.

Press release Dutch

Press release German

What's beautiful about our new projects is that in the area where we are active, summer tourism is thriving. The Austrian mountains are stunning and attract many nature and hiking enthusiasts every summer.

Our new projects are located in snow-sure winter sports areas. As a result, they have a snow-rich future. That doesn't mean, of course, that we are ignoring climate developments.

Doing business in these times is doing business for the future.

With InLeisure, we continue to commit to a sustainable and resilient future. We develop for life. This means that we work as sustainably as possible when developing our projects. So that not only we, but also our children, can enjoy pleasant vacations on a healthy planet.

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