Bringing People together through architecture & design

May 24, 2022

Whenever we develop a new park, we try visualise those things that are important to us in life. As far as we're concerned, one of the most important things in life is spending time with people you love. How to design and create a practical and beautiful place for that in a new park?


The Dutch are just about the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. Coffee might be the number one beverage that brings us together. Many guests on our parks rent a lodge together with a bigger group of people and then visit each other. That made us think of a way of facilitating those guests with a place that is comfortable and big enough to come together.

Come together in the Coffee Camp

We therefore designed a group accommodation during the development of the Roompot Zandvoort park. It is a so-called story cottage: a place with a specific story that connects with the surroundings. We called it the Coffee Camp, a place where people can meet up and enjoy good company and hot coffee.

The Coffee Camp consists of 5 separate lodges. Four of these lodges are there to sleep in or retreat to, like the other lodges in the park. Central to this is the Coffee Lounge, a wonderfully designed place where our guests can come together with a group to drink coffee, play games or just hang around, relax and chat.

The Coffee Lounge is completely decorated in coffee style. You will find references to coffee in the colours, details and accents in the cottage.

You will find cozy brown tones with some green accents from the coffee plant. Red accents refer to the coffee berry and we used jute coffee bags on the walls. The stylish floor of Forbo even contains cocoa shells.

Fresh Coffee & Tea

The lounge is equipped with several coffee machines. This varies from a luxury Nespresso machine to a more complicated machine for slow coffee. And for those who don't like coffee, there is also a Quooker with which you can immediately tap a hot cup of tea or even sparkling water.

Cooking together is also important in the Coffee Lounge. The large tables are suitable for any family dinner and the kitchen is equipped with extra luxury kitchen appliances and accessories. On the upper floor there is a relaxation and play area for those who do not want to sit at the table for too long.

Worldly coffees translated to Dutch Design

When designing, we like to work with Dutch talent with a strong passion for sustainability. That is we asked Sam Berghuis to create the tables in the Coffee Lounge. Sam doesn't want to cut down more trees and that's why he creates his tables exclusively from recycled wood.

You can recognise the different layers of coffee in the color shades of the table tops, such as a Lungo, Cappuccino or Americano. Sam only used locally harvested wood in a circle of maximum 30 kilometers around Amsterdam. We had coffee with Sam at his own tables just before the opening of the park. Impressed by his story, we share the entire interview with Sam again.

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