Blending History with Modernity: Our Tribute to Jac P. Thijsse at Blendin Bloemendaal

December 11, 2023

At InLeisure, each development we embark upon is more than a mere construction project – it's a deep dive into the essence of the location's history, culture, and natural surroundings. With Blendin Bloemendaal, our foray into the realm of boutique hotels, we have embraced the legacy of the revered Dutch naturalist, Jac P. Thijsse, whose love for Bloemendaal and his efforts as the founder of the Society for Preservation of Nature Monuments in the Netherlands have greatly inspired us.

Jac P. Thijsse's Enduring Influence:
Thijsse, a prominent figure in the Dutch conservation movement, has left a lasting impact on Bloemendaal. His devotion to nature is reflected in the lush Thijsse's Garden, an inspiring beacon for our team at Blendin Bloemendaal. His work not only influenced conservation efforts but also deeply informed our approach to integrating natural beauty into our hospitality experience.

Embracing Local Narratives:
In developing Blendin Bloemendaal, we immersed ourselves in the local environment and its stories. Our goal was to encapsulate the tranquility and beauty of the Waterleidingsduinen, a region known for its unique wildlife and serene landscapes. By integrating these elements, we offer our guests an experience that transcends mere accommodation, inviting them into the narrative of Bloemendaal itself.

Artistic Collaboration:
Paying homage to Thijsse's legacy, we initiated an artistic collaboration with local artists. The focus was to create a piece that captures the essence of the Waterleidingsduinen’s wildlife, including the fox, owl, deer, and notably, the Hoopoe. This project is a contemporary interpretation of Thijsse’s work, envisaging how he might have portrayed these local species.

The Album:
The resultant artwork has been transformed into an interactive album, styled after the iconic Verkade albums but with a modern twist. It features removable images, allowing guests to engage with the art in a dynamic and personal way. This album is not just a nod to Thijsse’s legacy; it's an invitation to our guests to connect with the local wildlife and flora on a deeper level.

So why do we do all this again?:
InLeisure is dedicated to creating more than just structures; we are crafting immersive experiences that reflect the soul of the locale. Blendin Bloemendaal is an embodiment of this philosophy – a place where history, nature, and modernity intertwine, and where every detail narrates a part of Jac P. Thijsse’s enduring legacy.

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