Green & Sustainable

Freeman house example

Taking care of the planet for the future generation

We believe that by working together on sustainability, we can achieve our goal to have a healthier planet for the generations to come.

Every day we discover that we can do things differently. Like reusing rest materials, looking for ways to not include airconditioning and find strong partners that share our vision.
Green and Responsible

We live in this unique time were we will flip from an age of consumerism to a more responsible one. An age were we will find more and more meaning in helping the planet and each other.

We do this by reflecting and helping all our partners to achieve our collective goal.

We know that good development, the best guest experience and a story to tell, goes hand in hand with a clear vision on sustainability.

We build and develop with the planet and our future guests in mind.

We strive for:

Awareness of guests

Help people in need

Innovate for the planet

Listen and stay curious

What we do

We are constantly rediscovering ourselves for the good of the planet.