We are curious

Freeman house example

Every location has a story to tell

Everything starts with curiosity. We don't want to be that person who thinks he knows everything, just because everything has stayed the same for years.

So when we develop in a new area, we start with curiosity. We explore it. And we search for stories about it.

Stories about things that happened years ago; like the first coffee plant that was shipped to Amsterdam hermitage. Or stories that are current now, like the the racing circuit in Zandvoort. Or stories about the future, like sustainable travel.
Partner up and tell that story

Together with our partners we try to tell the story of a place for every concept or location we develop.

A story that you can feel rather than just read. We tell it trough art, design, food, service and sometimes the more obvious way like this text or a magazine.

How we work

Finding that untold story.

Incorporate it in the concept.

Get it into the DNA of the project.

Let our guests feel it.

What we do

We are constantly rediscovering ourselves for the good of the planet.