We develop for life

Freeman house example

We develop with you in mind.

We know that for our guests, the devil is in the details. But if that is so, why do we often forget to pay attention to those details? It's about the small things in life that matters the most.

Often we spend our vacation with our family or friends, but how often do we truly have quality time with them?

We feel it as our mission to give all guests a holiday experience that brings them together. An experience that helps our guests to give attention to the the things that are close to us, to rediscover the things that were around us all along. To create memories for life.
This is why we do it

Call us crazy but rather then eat and drink ourselves, we get our happiness from the fact that our guests are having a good time together with their loved ones.

For us, that is the fundament of hospitality. And we like to take hospitality a step further.

We make sure that our guests stay at a place where everything is just right. Not only the design, the story and the whole experience, but because the place makes you feel that we build it with a big heart for our planet and the people.

Why we are were we are now

Story based development

Develop for life

Team up with right partners

Staying curious

What we do

We are constantly rediscovering ourselves for the good of the planet.