The landscape of Groningen is inviting for nature lovers. The archaeological values ​​of the mounds and the dikes that protect us against the water, are well preserved and characterise the area. The monumental farmyards help determine the identity of the cultural landscape.

Where fresh and salt water flooded into each other, what was once the Lauwerszee (Lauwers Sea) became Lauwersmeer (Lauwers Lake). A beautiful new landscape was created on the former seabed, which is now a National Park; a true paradise for birds. We are developing a park here that completely blends into the rugged landscape of Groningen.

Sturdy lodge tents in earthy tones that blend in with the environment. Without any bells and whistles, we inspire to go on a journey of discovery and also to go out at night to experience the darkness of "Lauwersmeer". The icing on the cake is the Wadden Sea World Heritage.

Close to the picturesque fishing village of Zoutkamp, ​​we are developing a small-scale holiday park in Vierhouten on 3.5 hectares with 70 luxury tents, a cozy restaurant and a mini shop. The planned delivery is in the spring of 2023.

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The Netherlands
Project Details

38.000 m2
76 Lodges
Mini Shop
Kids Club
2 Themed Cottages
328 Beds
5 Types of Accommodations

We are developing a park here that completely blends into the rugged landscape of Groningen.
Date of opening:
April 2023
INvestment (in millions)

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Forest house photo
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4 reasons why nothing beats Groningen
Jul 15, 2022

Join us on a journey through this stunning area. It is peaceful, without mass tourism and with endless space and views. It's the background to exciting stories for long summer evenings around the campfire. Folk tales about ghosts, heroes and villains. Is there anything that beats Groningen?