Kingdom Mierlo

Expansion in the heart of Brabant

In the forests around Mierlo in Brabant, we develop an area expansion of an existing park: Bospark 't Wolfsven.

Kingdom Mierlo is a unique location on the outskirts of the Strabrechtse Heide National Park. Old sand drifts give the location a beautiful relief. The area is green and overgrown, so that the new accommodations are beautifully absorbed in the landscape.

The accommodations vary from double to 20 person homes. When developing this location we retain the green and wooded character, and let the recreation and location blend in with the area.

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The Netherlands
Project Details
  • 149 accommodations
  • 1220 beds
  • 13 types of accommodations

Beautiful expansion of an existing park in Brabant
October 2023 -
Date of opening:
INvestment (in millions)

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Forest house photo
Freeman house photo
Meiser house photo
Forest house photo
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Kingdom Mierlo

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