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Who we are? Glad you asked!

Jeroen Postma

Partner IN Leisure Development

As a side job next to my study, I started working at a campsite in Egmond. I loved the work: making people happy, make them feel at home, let them leave the place with a smile. That’s what I still like about leisure. It’s always been about the combination of the guests and the colleagues you have. I still have colleagues from back then.

WHAT'S IN it for me?

Personally, it’s never about financial gain. Profit is about knowing how to get people together, people who are loyal to each other and who can make a difference together. That’s something extraordinary. And of course I get my energy from creating ideas and concepts that are different than usual and appeals to a wide audience. I hope to add something new to the world.

Wouter van Wetering

Partner IN Leisure Finance

I always wanted to become a construction engineer. That’s why I studied engineering and started working as construction supervisor. That evolved into being a project manager and later head of consultancy. That made me want to specialize in Management, Economy & Law. My work became even more focused on managing organizations and the financial part of it.

Then I met Jeroen and we started developing the first resort for Qurios in Bloemendaal. Leisure was completely new to me, but it gives me lots of energy now, because my engineering and financial background come together in a very natural and fun way.

WHAT'S IN it for me?

For me, profit within this company is not all about money. I’ve never seen it like that. The profit is in building quality, a beautiful resort that will be there for generations to come. When we do it together, we’ll build something durable and that’s what it’s about.

Frank Wilschut

Partner IN New Business

I grew up in leisure; my parents had ad camping business. I felt that it had to be different, so I went my own way in the leisure industry and developed on my own ideas. I’ve always been focused on innovation and finding smarter ways to work within the world of leisure. I started out with campsites, and over the years the caravans turned into wooden chalets and later into what we build today: beautifully designed lodges with concrete floors.

WHAT'S IN it for me?

I actually want to leave something behind that no one has ever done before. We’re not the sheep that follow the flock, but more like the salmons that swim against the current. Of course, we’re looking for profit, but that’s never our main goal. My personal aim is to create something special and to constantly raise the bar in terms of sustainability, energy and experience.

Juliette van Haaster

Executive IN Management

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Roemer Overdiep

Executive IN Creativity

I’ve been working as creative director for leisure related projects since 2007 and I’m working with the Qurios team from the very first beginning. 

As a creative director I am constantly thinking of, and developing, new brands and concepts. That blends perfectly together with my work as photographer and film maker. 

One of the brands I’ve been working on with Edwin is EDD’s, which started as a wine project, but is evolving into EDD’s Estate and EDD’s Laguna. And those are now InLeisure projects. 

WHAT'S IN it for me?

I love that I can keep coming up with new brands and concepts. For me the most important part of this is that I want to use these projects to improve the planet and the future of it. If that wasn’t in it, I wouldn’t do it. 

Peter van der Vaart

Executive IN Operations

Back in 1992 I started working as a campsite employee and I’ve never left the leisure industry since. When the manager left, I took over the management of the campsite. Since then, I’ve managed campsites, bungalow parks and even had 5 restaurants.

I said goodbye to to the restaurant in 2010 and then I met Jeroen and we started working on developing the resort for Qurios in Bloemendaal. The rest is history.

WHAT'S IN it for me?

My personal gain in this company is about the challenges. The striving to deliver a project that is solid as a rock every time. I love that. Next to that, it’s about working with a group of the best people I know. It never felt like I had to ‘go to work’ and I would like to keep it that way.

Rianne van der Vliet

Executive IN Finance

I started working at Deloite back in 2006 when I studied accountancy. Jeroen was the first customer that came under my file and when I left Deloitte, Jeroen came with me and we’ve been working together ever since. First it was basic accountancy, but as the projects grew bigger the work became more complex and interesting.


I love how an empty spot can be turned into a full functioning holiday resort. Since I’m a finance person, I have always been driven by the numbers that are the fundament for every new development. I get my satisfaction from that. What I like about developing now is that every project is different and that we’re constantly challenged to find new routes. That variety makes it really fun.